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Our Caravan Spots

Currently we have 4 spots available and more to come soon... expect forest or sea views, and a lot of space and privacy! 


Almond Tree

Stay under the Almond Tree and enjoy beautiful sea views and a sunrise over the water. This spot has over 100m2

Forest Top, Forest Centre & Forest Tip

We have 3 spots on our forest of beautiful cypress forrest and lots of privacy in a peaceful setting.

Expect over 100m2 and connect with nature.

There are two spots with electricity and water is just nearby.

IMG_7189 (1).jpg
Bons tempos

Price per night for 2 people + 1 caravan/tent

Nov - April                  €20

May/june, Oct & sep €25

July / September       €30

August                        €35


Tent/ caravan             €10

Person                          €3

Extra kid                       €2

Extra dog                     €2

Electricity                   €10

Caravan >6m              €5

Long Stay prices (30d+) Oct- March

2 people- €15/day

1 person- €12/day

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